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SATSA is partnering with Zulu Nomad, Digify Africa and Meta (Facebook) again for some exciting Meta Boost sessions.

We are offering five free virtual sessions between September and November 2023 to assist business owners with foundational and intermediate knowledge as well as best practices when using the Meta Suite of Business Tools.

Meta Boost was created with entrepreneurs in mind. The project runs in various countries in Africa, with Digify Africa being responsible for South Africa, and is aimed at training small business owners and entrepreneurs on how to use Facebook Business Page, Instagram for Business, and WhatsApp Business.

See below the selected modules and the individual registration links to be delivered to the SATSA community.

Please ensure to register for each session individually on the below links.

Session 1: Using WhatsApp To Grow Your Tourism Business

Date & Time: 28 September 2023, 10:00am

Duration: 90 Mins

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  • Learn how you can bring your business online and communicate with customers on WhatsApp.
  • In this course, you'll learn how to:
  • Get started with the WhatsApp Business app
  • Use messaging tools to communicate.
  • Stay connected with customers and manage their expectations.

Session 2: Establish Your Presence on Facebook & Instagram

Date & Time: 19 October 2023, 10:00am

Duration: 90 minutes

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  • Learn how to share updates about your business and communicate with your customers directly. Start by creating a Page on Facebook and setting up an Instagram business account.
  • Products mentioned:
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Messenger
  • Facebook & Instagram Stories
  • Instagram business account
  • WhatsApp business

Session 3: Using Facebook & Instagram To Raise Awareness

Date & Time: 26 October 2023; 10:00am

Duration: 90 minutes

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  • When you share content showcasing your offerings, you can raise awareness of your business. Learn how posts, stories and live video on Facebook and Instagram can help.
  • Products mentioned:
  • Facebook & Instagram Stories
  • Commerce Manager
  • Facebook Business Suite Insights
  • Live
  • Q & A Stickers

Session 4: Reach your audience with personalised Ads

Date & Time: 6 November 2023; 10:00am

Duration: 90 minutes

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  • Learn how you can determine who is most likely to be interested in your business, and how selecting the right audience, placement, budget and schedule can make your ad spend more efficiently.
  • Products mentioned:
  • Steps to create ad in Ads Manager
  • Define your ideal customer
  • Ad placement
  • Budget and duration of your ad

Session 5: Ad Captions & Call To Actions

Date & Time: 20 November 2023; 10:00am

Duration: 90 minutes

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  • Discover how to drive your audience to take action and help your business thrive. Learn how to use ad copy to tell a story, encourage your audience to get a quote, find out more about your offering or make a purchase.
  • Products mentioned:
  • Ads Manager
  • Ad formats
  • Copy and creative

The sessions will unfortunately not be recorded, so in-person attendance is required, and space is limited, so register as soon as possible.


  • Eden Storom (Trainer at Meta Boost)

    Eden Storom

    Trainer at Meta Boost

    My name is Eden Storom, and I’m a digital designer. I have 5 years of experience in digital marketing and publishing, and I am skilled in many digital disciplines, including web design and development, brand design, and content creation.

    As a profession, I run a creative studio called 4th Nomad. Along with a dedicated network of contract creatives, the 4th Nomad is a place where ideas come to life. With years of experience in design and digital marketing, we strive to create anything we put our minds to. We specialize in creating incredible digital experiences, and we believe in the lifelong journey of learning and growing. With our skills, we will take your digital presence from a simple page to a full-fledged online business.

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