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You are invited to an upcoming series of SATSA training that explores the vital intersection of LGBTQ+ inclusivity and tourism.

This is an invaluable opportunity to enrich your understanding and enhance your business practices, ensuring we all contribute to a more inclusive and welcoming travel industry.


Understanding LGBTQ+ Inclusivity in Tourism

In this session, we will delve into the significance of embracing diversity within our sector, highlighting the unique experiences and challenges faced by LGBTQ+ travellers.

Through insightful perspectives and practical strategies, this session aims to give you a deeper understanding of promoting inclusivity and diversity in the tourism sector.

We will explore the following key topics:

  • Understanding Diverse Identities: Gain insights into the spectrum of LGBTQ+ identities and learn how to recognize and respect them.
  • Creating Inclusive Spaces: Discover practical strategies for making your business a welcoming environment for all travellers, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Promoting Inclusivity and Diversity: Learn how to effectively advocate for and implement inclusivity within your operations, enhancing the overall travel experience for everyone.

By embracing these principles, we can collectively enhance the travel experiences of all our guests and set a standard of excellence within our industry.

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