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You are invited to an upcoming series of SATSA training that explores the vital intersection of LGBTQ+ inclusivity and tourism.


Strategic Marketing Insights for LGBTQ+ Tourism

This session offers strategic marketing insights tailored specifically for LGBTQ+ tourism. It explores the nuances of effectively reaching and engaging with LGBTQ+ travellers through targeted marketing strategies.

Participants will gain valuable insights to enhance their marketing efforts and foster meaningful connections with LGBTQ+ travellers, ultimately driving growth and success in this dynamic and evolving market segment.

Key topics include:

  • Understanding Diverse Preferences and Needs: Explore the unique preferences and needs of the LGBTQ+ demographic.
  • Navigating Inclusive Messaging and Imagery: Learn how to craft inclusive and appealing marketing messages and imagery.
  • Practical Guidance for Businesses and Destinations: Gain actionable insights through case studies, best practices, and innovative approaches.

By embracing these principles, we can collectively enhance the travel experiences of all our guests and set a standard of excellence within our industry.

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