SATSA membership means being part of a strong and growing family operating in inbound tourism.

Whether you are a local or international buyer, or a Southern Africa-based product/supplier, your SATSA membership unlocks numerous tangible and intangible benefits.

Most notably is SATSA being the voice of inbound tourism and lobbying on behalf of industry. Other critical benefits include creditability & integrity, networking & relationship building, fit-for-purpose value adds, discounts & special deals, market exposure & access, industry best practice & information sharing and access to various marketing platforms.

Types of Membership:

  • SATSA Bonded Membership is open to any tourism business in Southern Africa, operational for one year or more, which complies with SATSA requirements.
  • SATSA International Associate is open to any business outside Southern Africa, who would like to stay up to date with travel restrictions, regulations, new & existing products and breaking news – to deliver the best experience for their partners and clients.

SATSA Bonded Membership Levels and Fees:

  • Introductory Tier for businesses with an annual turnover of less than R 5 million @ R4,065
  • 1st Tier for businesses with an annual turnover between R5 and R20 million @ R6,779
  • 2nd Tier for businesses with an annual turnover between R20 and R200 million @ R20,336
  • 3rd Tier for businesses with an annual turnover over R200 million @ R47,456
  • A once-off registration fee of R2,258 applies to all new applications.

SATSA International Associate Fees:

  • $499 per annum
  • Introductory Tier
    12 months
    Package price
    R 3,534.80

    R0 to R5 million Turnover 

    Add benefits, process, application fee, membership fee, etc. If approved.